What are some marketing techniques which are being under-utilized?

What are some marketing techniques which are being under-utilized?

The advertisement industry has really come a long way over the years. Businesses no longer rely on word of mouth to have their businesses promoted in the community. Having posters around the town is no longer the only option of advertisement.

Today, many businesses spend a lot of money on advertisement every year. Most have majored on platforms like newspapers, internet ads and TV commercial. In addition to these commonly used techniques, there are many more techniques that are yet to be fully utilities. Here are some of the marketing techniques that are highly under-utilized;

Person to person networking

With most people using the internet to make advertisements, in-person networking has greatly reduced. Studies show that person to person networking is 75% more effective than most advertising techniques. People love it when you interact with them face to face. This method creates trust and quick feedback from clients or potential clients.

Email advertising

When it comes to advertising, sending emails to customers is always at the bottom of the list. Businesses assume the that majority of people ignore promotional email or just block them entirely. This is not true. Some businesses have generated huge incomes from email advertising of up to $40 return on every dollar spent. Advertising on emails not only brings new customers to your business but keeps reminding the old ones of new products, and latest product updates.

Linkedin Advertising

In recent years LinkedIn advertising has improved by leaps and bounds. And with so many people focusing on Facebook advertising, they may have forgotten that in terms of pure leads and targeting for B2B, nothing even comes close to the gold-mine that is LinkedIn. Facebook is often personal, and people feel it’s intrusive, but people on LinkedIn are already there for business related matters, so they expect to receive a certain level of advertising from other businesses. Try out the new LinkedIn advertising tools they’ve put in place over the past year and see how it goes, you won’t be disappointed.


SlideShare is a site that was acquired by LinkedIn back in 2012. The site operates like a bank for important documents and files. This site has many users of around 60 million and gets over 259 million views every month. This is a huge advertising potential that many are yet to utilize.

List rental

List rentals entail you sharing your personal information with another company. Sharing information with others is normally advised against when it comes to running a business. Although this might be true, some businesses have rapidly increased their sales as a result of list rental services from other companies.

Free products to influencers

We live in a world where everything is about trends, style, and influence. Social media influencers are earning billions by advertising products on their blogs, Instagram page, Twitter or Facebook and other social media platforms. Shipping free products to the influencers will provide you advertisement potential to millions if not billions of potential customers. All
one needs to get the right influencer for your business and soon you will see you sales sky rock through the roof.

YouTube marketing

Paying YouTubers to plug in your content in their videos is another good advertisement opportunity that is not fully utilized. YouTube has huge potential advertising for any business. Many people spend a lot of time watching videos on like from cats making funny videos and songs to movies and encouragement videos. By choosing the right videos you will be able to advertise your business to a wide range of potential clients. Although some businesses are already doing this, the market has still potential for many more ads. Last but not least, if you don’t find the above useful, you can always hire an SEO Company to help

Creating memes

Memes are a good way to create an advertisement for your products or services. Memes have become very popular on social media
platforms with millions of people sharing them every day. This technique has huge potential to help your business reach large groups of people in a short time.