The Best 8 Tips To Make Your Content Go Viral

Are you struggling to gain traction with your content? Understanding how people reason logically when sharing things and liking them will help you know what type of content you need to put out to attract attention. The internet is oversaturated with a lot of people’s content and it can be hard for a specific post, picture or blog to be noticed and go viral.

What do people share?

If you want to go viral finding the types of things that people like to share is the first stepping stone. Generally people share to entertain, make themselves look smart, define themselves, form a connection with others and to spread the word about causes they care about. Keep in mind the things that are trending because keywords in your content will make it pop up more often if those keywords are also looked up often.

The best type of content inspires emotion and is real.

Strategies to help your content along the way

Short Is Good
Viral content is usually short because people are accustomed to concise and useful. People’s attention span decreases as we become more used to technology and the way it makes everything faster.

Keep Your Content Visual
Online things attract attention more because of the way they look more than anything else. Use a lot of pictures and make the text stand out with a lot of spacing.

Post Often
This doesn’t just mean upload a picture it means going through and putting something out there that evokes emotion. Hashtags also help a lot and make the content relevant to your audience.

Tagging Relevant Brands
Tag brands related to your post. Your content will automatically show up on the social media accounts of the brands you’ve tagged and you will be reaching your target audience.

Use Linkedin
Your LinkedIn account should be optimized and you should share your content in group discussions actively. Now, making content is the first step, but taking advantage of social media to reach more people is useful if you reach your target audience that finds the information you’re giving them as valuable.

Do A Give Away
One of the things that will gain you a lot of attention is a give away because everyone loves something for free, or a chance to win. And you are usually only giving away 1 or 2 items that didn’t cost you that much to 1 or 2 people, in return for getting traction from a lot of people signing up for your giveaway, as well as new likes and followers for your social media accounts.

It’s easy to waste your content by posting it at the wrong time. The best time of day for a post is around noon within the early days of the week, if you don’t post every day. People are more distracted during those days.

Make it Unique
Your content should stand out not only because of all of the previous advice you’ve given but because it comes from you. Good content is unique and should be personal for the person that posts it.

If you follow these guidelines you have a better chance at creating viral content, but not everything you put out there will succeed either. Statistically pages that have had content go viral have exponentially more outreach.