Grow Your Instagram Account Quickly

Are you looking for some killer Instagram marketing tips for your business? If so, you’re in the right place. You want to grow your Instagram account. Instagram is a great tool for marketing. It’s really come into its own and has also added stories just last year, which is a great addition.

Now that Instagram stories are here, we’re seeing lower engagement in the traditional Instagram feed. So, take that into account and use both effectively. Increase engagement and grow your Instagram account quickly with these tips.

Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Quickly

1. Choose a profile name that best describes what your business is all about. You can name your profile with the category of your business instead of your name or your brand for it to be searchable. Why is it important? It is because most people won’t be searching for your name or your brand unless they know who you are or your brand. Choosing a profile name that describes what your business is all about is a good strategy to get into your audience. However, for them to know your name or your brand, use it as your username.

When you’re in a marketing business, most people are going to be searching for things like marketing tips, entrepreneur marketing tips or personal branding tips. Or if you are a shoe manufacturer, then they’re looking for shoes, shoe products or high heels. If you sell cars, then you have cars international, foreign cars, amazing cars or retro cars. Whatever it is that you sell, choose keywords that most people search for in your industry and use it as your profile name. That will help you gain more exposure and get you in front of your customers.

2. In your Instagram account, you’ll see that there’s a bio profile. A bio profile gives your customers or your audience an overview of what you do. You can set it up by going to Edit Your Profile in the settings in Instagram, and add your bio profile. It is best that you use lines to make it straightforward and brief. You can also add an emoji before it. So for example, if you’re a shoe manufacturer or a shoe brand, you can add in high quality, high luxury shoes, running shoe manufacturers, running gears, or whatever it is that you do, put those lines in your bio profile. It will give people context to what you’re doing. You might want to also spice it up and do something interesting in there to give people a laugh or something that’s sort of special and interesting to your brand.

3. You’ll also notice that you can provide a link in your profile. Use the link in your bio to direct people to content, or to campaigns, or to promotions that you’re running outside of the Instagram platform. Again, relating to strategy number two, the text is written above the link gives context to the link that you would be providing. You should definitely do that.

When you’re running a promotion, it is recommended that you do a post about it- an Instagram post and also an Instagram story about it. In the comments section or in your first caption for your Instagram post, you can actually add an at the mention. You can mention your Instagram account and it will direct people when they clicked on that mention link, it will actually take them again to your profile.

You have to understand the psychology that maybe people are seeing your stuff in the feed, but not necessarily seeing it on your profile, or they’re seeing it in the explore tab in Instagram. So when you provide them with the at mention link, they can quickly click on that and see your bio and your promotion. It is recommended that you use bit link or a link that you can actually track.

Use these Instagram marketing tips to attract attention and separate you from the rest of the pack.