Creative Strategies to Market Your Startup on a Shoestring Budget


Much has been said lately on traditional, digital and mobile marketing. The bigger companies have the means, contacts and cash to finance all their ideas on marketing and promoting their brand among the general public. But what about the startups that are just beginning to gain some ground in their industry? How do they go about promoting themselves with the limited resources available to them?

Here are some nifty, creative strategies to market your startup on a shoestring budget.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Clearly identify your aspirations and your goals and tell the world what exactly your business is all about. A vague “small business” will get you nowhere in this day of extreme competition. Get dynamic and chart out an agenda that helps you stand out from the crowd. Recognize the main reason why you started your company and share your story to inspire several others to follow your lead. Always have something unique to offer to your audience — something that they will remember you by.

Engage Your Niche Audience

Know your niche audience; study their behavior and engage them in the greatest possible way. Your goal is not merely to sell your products to them – your main aim should be to involve them throughout and make them a part of your own growing process. Offer relevant and timely content, actively participate in social media and encourage your users to share your information among their own friend circles.

Network, Network, Network

Network with like-minded professionals. Be seen often with the experts in your field. Tell laymen about your company and let them know what is unique about you and how you can help them fulfill their needs. Take part in expos, trade shows and events to showcase your brand. Co-sponsor an event – this helps you share the costs with another startup, while potentially generating new leads for you as well. All this costs very little extra money and puts you in a position of authority among your visitors. Being seen and heard in higher circles creates a buzz around your business, bringing it into the spotlight.

Be Active on Social Media

Promotion via social media comes at no additional cost and helps you expand the reach of your brand among a much wider audience. Blog about your company and promote the same on social channels. Create a business Website and regularly update the same, posting high-quality images and videos of your products and services. Be active on all the major social networks and forums. Make sure to reply to all your visitors’ feedback, comments and queries. Do not ignore negative comments and try to resolve your customers’ issues at the earliest. This lets you build credibility in your chosen industry.

Reward Your Regular Customers

Retain your current customers by offering them interesting offers, deals, discounts and coupons; both in-store (if you have one) and online. This will encourage them to come back to you to make another purchase; if only to avail that recent discount offer. Offer customers extra loyalty deals to promote your brand among their friends. Present introductory deals to rope in new customers as well. The extra influx of users increases the chances of profits for you; without you having to make an additional financial investment.


Your modest marketing budget need not stop you from promoting your startup. Apply the above-mentioned strategies to bring your new company into the spotlight.