All You Need to Know About Advertising using Facebook’s Boost Post

A boosted post is the element way of advertising that you can usually do on Facebook. They are created by allocating a budget for advertising to a post that is on the business page already. It is located in a section typically located in the bottom right-hand corner of a post.

How do you do it?

You do it by going to the section in the bottom right-hand corner of a post that is labelled “boost post.” Once there, you just click, and the boost is then approved by Facebook. This then follows that more people will see it in their News Feed on Facebook.

You have the option of choosing either to push the post people who like your page and friends or people that you choose through targeting.

You will then also be allowed to choose you appropriate budget.

What are the Pros of advertising using Facebook “Boost post”?

One of the Pros of Boosting your posts is that it often and always guarantee the possibility of being seen or its visibility to a certain degree in the posts that you find very crucial.

The other pros are that Boost Posts normally have very high chances of being seen by people who have liked your business page. This is because if someone likes or comments on the Boost post, it appears on all their friend’s timeline as a result.

The other advantage is that you are guaranteed to the exposure of a new audience. This is as a result of the option that you have when boosting your posts which comes with the possibility of getting a new audience at the end of the day.

What are the cons of advertising using Facebook’ Boost post?

The cons of advertising using Facebook Boost Post include the following:

One of them is that with Boost post you can’t be able to create custom audiences. A custom audience is where you create an audience from your email list or phone book list. However recently there was a milestone to encompass this but still, you can’t-do it without getting to the Facebook, Ad manager.

The other disadvantage is that you have some targeting options while using Facebook Boost post but you are usually limited regarding location, age, gender and even interests of where you are boosting in general.

The other disadvantage is the fact that you have no placement options for instance if you know a mobile phone does better than a mobile phone, it would be better have in on the mobile phone.

Facebook Boost post have no ad scheduling, i.e., if you want to target a lunch at tour place or on a certain day.

The other disadvantage is that there is always not an option for a daily budget.

You can also not always be able to choose the delivery speed of your ads, for example, the standard mode and the accelerated one.

In conclusion, it is true that Facebook Boost post is one of the options of advertising on Facebook today. However, Facebook changes now and then and better ways of adverting can always be found if one feels that the Boost post does not meet his specifications.