5 Reasons Why it’s Easier to Create a Business Today Than Ever Before

1. Everyone’s Moving Too Fast!

Did you remember what you ate or did yesterday? How about what the person whom you’ve last spoke to was wearing? I bet you didn’t remember, and neither do I! The world is moving too fast and we’re all just trying to keep pace with “What’s next?” that no one has stopped to think about “What’s happening now?”.

This “What’s next” phenomenon is the reason why everything seems so much easier to do. We are constantly looking out for the next change or something more functional than what we already have. In some cases, people take the leap and create their own version of something they want in an existing product. Boom! Your friends love it and so do people on the street. The sudden realization clicks within them that this might actually a marketable. That’s the beginning of a new business idea. You know how it goes from here.

2. Welcome To Generation Z

Post-Millennials (also known as Generation Z) are the people who are born in the digital age. The internet has already made the history of the most technological advancement after the industrial era. These “entrepreneurialists” might be great for the influx of new businesses for a post-saturated economy, the idea of the “Be your own boss” mentality comes at a price. Children don’t read story books nor use crayons, instead, most of them are watching pre-school shows and learning basic math right off Youtube.

3. Globalization? Yes We Know..

Globalization is taking place everywhere, whether we like it or not. News spread faster than wild fire with an abundance of corporate news networks and self-journalism through blogs. Live streams can take place on YouTube, Facebook, in a crazily high resolution. Was it 4K? Even start-ups can fund their campaigns through people (crowd funding) instead of the traditional banks.

4. Everything’s Gone Digital

We can all thank the birth of the Internet for providing a significant game changing channel for the world economy. Individuals worldwide are now able to gather on a virtual platform, despite geographical boundaries, making everyone somehow, interconnected. With everything digital, there is one factor that seems to be very apparent, Confusion. There is an enormous amount options to choose from anything between deciding on a pencil to making a decision on which insurance plan is the way to go. However, the digital way has opened a lot of doors for new business and new industries to form.

5. Philosophy Working In The Background

It seems that philosophy has crept back into a modern day living through the likes of start-ups and education.

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, was known to advocate the asking of questions to increase one’s knowledge and to conduct self-reflection to heal oneself. Called the Socratic Method, schools use problem-based learning in which students are prompted to ask questions. This has made children become problem solvers in which we now countless Kickstarter campaigns that are constantly changing our interaction with the world in innovative ways. Just take a look at Virtual Reality.