5 Best Tech Gadgets For Traveling Overseas

People Using Gadgets

People Using Gadgets

Traveling overseas shouldn’t mean you abandon your life comfort. Rather, this is the time you should enjoy all that latest technology has to provide. Are you packing for holiday? Are you traveling overseas to see your family members? Or yours is traveling abroad just for another day’s job. Then what are the best 5 tech gadgets for traveling overseas? These are our pick.


Star Trek fans might recall the universal translator. This is a fictional device which decodes alien tongues into the native language of the user. That’s however history now. SIGMO is a voice translating gadget that revolutionizes the way you understand and communicate other languages. Would you love to communicate with foreigners during your vacations or business trip? Then forget about that bulky dictionary or your mobile’s awkward and slow translation. Modern design, portable and intuitive SIGMO, at just a touch of the button, may translate the words you require into any selected language and you can instantly hear the results of the translations. This is a must for any traveler.

2 GoPro Hero4

This amazing gadget comes in two versions: Silver and Black. Both of them feature Bluetooth connectivity and in-built Wi-Fi for easy access to GoPro app, and a powerful and quick capturing capabilities-reaching 12 MP photos, at speeds up to 30fps. The Black model features also enhanced image quality with a processor which is two times powerful as its predecessor, plus ultra-high resolution. With Silver version, users may take advantage of the in-built display for simple framing, image adjustments and playback. You should also not miss some shot in low-light, or at nighttime with its customizable exposure plus easy manual control.

Fashionable Portable Stereo Bluetooth Car Speakers

You need to enjoy your music anytime and anywhere you go? Well, this speaker is just for you. It delivers crisp and clean sound, with super bass effect. Besides, it supports iPod, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, MacBook and Google Nexus among others. It operates as a speaker phone, with its in-built microphone. When you receive a call, the music will pause and you may talk through the speaker. It also works with voice chat and Skype. The Bluetooth speaker has a tiny body and fashionable design. It has FM radio function plus it supports TF card. This will allow you enjoy your audio anywhere without any additional device. Furthermore, its built-in Li-on battery provides three hours of playtime or four hours of talk time when charged.


When you have the anxiety of leaving your pet behind when traveling, don’t worry for there’s Petcube. This compact cube connects to the home’s Wi-Fi and a video stream will let you keep an eye on your pets if you are out of the house. You may even play with and peak to your pets through the gadget’s two-way audio stream plus built-in laser pointer.

Wallet Titan

This takes a similar amount of space as the normal credit card. It’s a tiny lifesaver if you are traveling and cannot be tethered to some power outlet. It has a sleek design which slips easily into the wallet. The device is compatible with USB devices, including digital cameras and smartphones among others. It’s able to power your iPhone up to 60 percent, and receives quite high ratings from users owing to its compactness plus ease of use for traveling.

Bottom Line

When you are traveling overseas, you are going to need the above essential devices to keep you productive, connected, entertained and organized.