5 Ads That Changed The Way Ads Were Done

Over the years there have been numerous advertisements that have been made with the aim of changing the perception of the consumers about the brand being advertised. In some instances, the adverts have been made to perform more than just attempt to persuade people to purchase a particular product or service in the market. Some of the best adverts have changed the perspective of how people view life and changed other aspects of people’s lives such as how they communicate. Moreover, the ads have changed the interaction between people and how people carry themselves in different places. Over the years ads have been improving due to the fact that the target markets are always transforming. There are a number of adverts over the years that were revolutionary and changed how other organizations did their ads.

5 Ads that changed the way ads were done

Westinghouse Electric: Rosie the Riveter – We Can Do It

The ad remains one of the most iconic things that made feminism grow across the world. The ad was created during the Second World War as a way to motivate the new economy which was being driven by women. The ad made women take on jobs that were traditionally meant for men. The ad served to change the perspective of the world where women were always expected to be the homemakers and it eliminated the barrier that had been limiting women from taking on traditionally male duties. The ad is still relevant up to date though it was created a long time ago.

Honda: Grr

The ad spoke in a funny and charming way on the current issues. It tells people about the impact that they have on the environment and changes their perception of how they did things. Cars are essential in people’s lives today and so is the care for the environment which has been destroyed slowly over the years. Through the ad, other car companies were able to put environmental concerns as a primary aspect of their vision and communication. The ad serves to create environmental awareness and also promoting the profile of Honda as a car manufacturer.

Nike: If You Let Me Play

The ad which is a film tackles one of the most important areas, that is, women and sports. Through the ad, the issue at hand is tackled with elegance, swagger, and irony. The ad was instrumental in changing how other sports brand deal with women in their advertising. To realize the actual impact of the ad, it has been remade and quoted in other works. Women have had challenges over the years breaking many barriers but through ads such as this one, they have been able to break into fields that were previously out of reach.

Benetton: Hearts

The world is faced with numerous challenges with one of them being racism. The ad tackles the issue of racism using a simple approach. However, the execution is great and the information is put in such a manner that the targeted masses can understand it. The image has been in use over the years to raise awareness.

Thai Health: Anti-Smoking

Smoking is something that people are advised against across the globe due to the effects. The ad delivers the message based on logic and the execution is excellent. The ad is great such that it can be used when dealing with other social issues. The ad is not only suited for Thailand but the entire world.

These are some of the ads that have changed the world of advertisement though there are many others not discussed in this article.