The 7 Best business Books On The Market Today

Performing better at work is one of the resolutions that a lot of people have now considering that they want to start the year performing stronger than ever. Whatever the motivation is for performing better at work, there are 7 books that one can read to gain the necessary advantage in the corporate world.

The first book on the list is Can You Learn to Be Lucky? by Karla Starr which goes into a deep dive on what luck is all about and how it affects the different opportunities that a person experiences in life and at work. Starr looks a bit closer to how people fixate on a particular opportunity while completely overlooking other potential opportunities that might be better, and thus dictating their overall luck. In this book, Starr has based all her writings on different sources such as personal experiences, scientific research, and personal interviews with different people. She believes that all the things that are happening to us are results of all our small decisions to do certain things.

The next book on the list is My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander. This book focuses on the proven fact that whatever time of day a person wakes up, the first thing that is done can set the tone for the rest of the day. Xander and Spall believe that it is difficult to have a good and productive day when one does not start the day with the intention to do well and improve from the previous day. And instead on just relying on concepts and beliefs, this book focuses more on the morning routines of the most successful people today and prove how the routines say a lot about their successes.

The third book on the list is Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity, and the Power of Change; this book is a part-biography and part-memoir. It covers the different experiences of GE’s former vice chair, Beth Comstock, who talked about all the experiences she’s had and how she was able to overcome the thought of being an outsider, as well as mastering how to identify when a battle is worth fighting for.

Another book on the top of the list is Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones that was written by James Clear. He focused on the thought that all the small habits that a person has says a lot about the ways in which a person is able to achieve all goals in life – be it personal, career, health, or even financial. The problem is that a lot of people fail to sustain all the necessary habits to get to the goal that one wants to attain. James Clear mentioned that the most effective way is to make changes in oneself one small step at a time so that the effects are sustainable and long-lasting.

The fifth book on the list is Calm Clarity: How to Use Science to Rewrite Your Brain for Greater Wisdom, Fulfillment, and Joy by Due Quach. This books contains all the personal experiences of Quach from being an outsider while she was growing up. Because of this, she got inspired to learn more about how one’s thinking can greatly affect how one can overcome all the challenges in life. She shares how very much possible it is to rewire the brain and get better results in life.

The next book is entitle Wisdom @ Work: The Making of A Modern Elder by Chip Conley. This books tackles the truth about how more and more people choose to be employed for most of their life, and gives suggestions on how one can continuously improve their skills so that they can stay relevant in the industry for a longer period of time as well.

The last book is called Building on Bedrock: What Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and Other Great Self-Made Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Building Valuable Companies by Derek Lidow. With technology governing most of the businesses today, there is a misconception that all start-up companies need to be technology related as well. In this book, entrepreneur, CEO, and business professor Lidow, explains how successful and long-lasting businesses are really built from the bottom up.

With these excellent list of books, one will surely be more inspired to do well at work and make their goals a reality this year and in the years to come.

The Best 8 Tips To Make Your Content Go Viral

Are you struggling to gain traction with your content? Understanding how people reason logically when sharing things and liking them will help you know what type of content you need to put out to attract attention. The internet is oversaturated with a lot of people’s content and it can be hard for a specific post, picture or blog to be noticed and go viral.

What do people share?

If you want to go viral finding the types of things that people like to share is the first stepping stone. Generally people share to entertain, make themselves look smart, define themselves, form a connection with others and to spread the word about causes they care about. Keep in mind the things that are trending because keywords in your content will make it pop up more often if those keywords are also looked up often.

The best type of content inspires emotion and is real.

Strategies to help your content along the way

Short Is Good
Viral content is usually short because people are accustomed to concise and useful. People’s attention span decreases as we become more used to technology and the way it makes everything faster.

Keep Your Content Visual
Online things attract attention more because of the way they look more than anything else. Use a lot of pictures and make the text stand out with a lot of spacing.

Post Often
This doesn’t just mean upload a picture it means going through and putting something out there that evokes emotion. Hashtags also help a lot and make the content relevant to your audience.

Tagging Relevant Brands
Tag brands related to your post. Your content will automatically show up on the social media accounts of the brands you’ve tagged and you will be reaching your target audience.

Use Linkedin
Your LinkedIn account should be optimized and you should share your content in group discussions actively. Now, making content is the first step, but taking advantage of social media to reach more people is useful if you reach your target audience that finds the information you’re giving them as valuable.

Do A Give Away
One of the things that will gain you a lot of attention is a give away because everyone loves something for free, or a chance to win. And you are usually only giving away 1 or 2 items that didn’t cost you that much to 1 or 2 people, in return for getting traction from a lot of people signing up for your giveaway, as well as new likes and followers for your social media accounts.

It’s easy to waste your content by posting it at the wrong time. The best time of day for a post is around noon within the early days of the week, if you don’t post every day. People are more distracted during those days.

Make it Unique
Your content should stand out not only because of all of the previous advice you’ve given but because it comes from you. Good content is unique and should be personal for the person that posts it.

If you follow these guidelines you have a better chance at creating viral content, but not everything you put out there will succeed either. Statistically pages that have had content go viral have exponentially more outreach.

How Can Companies Stop Corporate Sabotaging?

Corporate sabotage has long existed and some famous cases of it date back to as early as the 1700s when Père d’Entrecolles, a French man, spied on unique manufacturing techniques at a Chinese company which he later passed on to the French. Corporate sabotage still exists, and a very recent case involved Elon Musk who reported that one of his employees had sabotaged Tesla’s California plant amidst claims that there are organizations seeking to destabilise and destroy his company.

Some analysts are of the view that Elon Musk may be a bit obsessed with sabotage because he allegedly unearthed a similar sabotage ploy by a then Tesla employee who was giving out crucial company information back in 2008. Despite the views on Elon Musk, the fact is corporate sabotage has always been there, and it will probably be there in times to come, therefore the best thing to do is to search for ways to curb it. Below are some possible solutions to corporate sabotage.

Beef Up Information Security

Most, if not all cases of corporate sabotage have always involved information falling into the wrong hands, and its misuse leading to failures in corporate internal systems. It is therefore crucial to beef up the security of company information by having tough controls in place. If information controls were in place to require top authorisation to access certain levels of information, and the amount of sensitive information available to people below certain authority levels was restricted, the Tesla employee may not have had any information to bring out. It is also important to keep private information private, and if need be to keep it on a strict need-to-know basis. In the case of the Tesla case, more security checks may have detected the sabotage plans earlier.

Create Robust Governance Systems and Background Checks

This step involves making employees adhere to stringent company policies which include severe legal repercussions in the event of an employee maliciously sabotaging the company. A balance needs to be created though, to protect the employees in case of illegal conduct by the company as is the case with the protection of whistle-blowers. The Tesla 2008 sabotage case involved an employee trying to protect consumers, and this should be allowed.

Companies should also conduct extensive background checks on their employees paying close attention to any criminal records that may pose a threat to company objectives and values.

Think Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is on the rise and the damage attributed to it totalled in excess of US$3 trillion in 2015. Cyber attackers are on the prowl and they can play a large role in corporate sabotage. There is a need for investment in systems to deflect hackers, and the use of apps and systems that make the company susceptible to attack should be restricted.

Assess and Mitigate Risks in the System

Some risk that may aid in corporate sabotage may be inherent in the company system and it is crucial to be able to assess these risks. By evaluating the company’s systems and actively auditing any potential risks, it is possible to remove elements that may be used unfavourably by company personnel or other stakeholders to sabotage the company. It is also advisable to stay on top of the game by appraising thecompany for any potential risks that may arise in the future and setting up measures to mitigate them.

What are some marketing techniques which are being under-utilized?

What are some marketing techniques which are being under-utilized?

The advertisement industry has really come a long way over the years. Businesses no longer rely on word of mouth to have their businesses promoted in the community. Having posters around the town is no longer the only option of advertisement.

Today, many businesses spend a lot of money on advertisement every year. Most have majored on platforms like newspapers, internet ads and TV commercial. In addition to these commonly used techniques, there are many more techniques that are yet to be fully utilities. Here are some of the marketing techniques that are highly under-utilized;

Person to person networking

With most people using the internet to make advertisements, in-person networking has greatly reduced. Studies show that person to person networking is 75% more effective than most advertising techniques. People love it when you interact with them face to face. This method creates trust and quick feedback from clients or potential clients.

Email advertising

When it comes to advertising, sending emails to customers is always at the bottom of the list. Businesses assume the that majority of people ignore promotional email or just block them entirely. This is not true. Some businesses have generated huge incomes from email advertising of up to $40 return on every dollar spent. Advertising on emails not only brings new customers to your business but keeps reminding the old ones of new products, and latest product updates.

Linkedin Advertising

In recent years LinkedIn advertising has improved by leaps and bounds. And with so many people focusing on Facebook advertising, they may have forgotten that in terms of pure leads and targeting for B2B, nothing even comes close to the gold-mine that is LinkedIn. Facebook is often personal, and people feel it’s intrusive, but people on LinkedIn are already there for business related matters, so they expect to receive a certain level of advertising from other businesses. Try out the new LinkedIn advertising tools they’ve put in place over the past year and see how it goes, you won’t be disappointed.


SlideShare is a site that was acquired by LinkedIn back in 2012. The site operates like a bank for important documents and files. This site has many users of around 60 million and gets over 259 million views every month. This is a huge advertising potential that many are yet to utilize.

List rental

List rentals entail you sharing your personal information with another company. Sharing information with others is normally advised against when it comes to running a business. Although this might be true, some businesses have rapidly increased their sales as a result of list rental services from other companies.

Free products to influencers

We live in a world where everything is about trends, style, and influence. Social media influencers are earning billions by advertising products on their blogs, Instagram page, Twitter or Facebook and other social media platforms. Shipping free products to the influencers will provide you advertisement potential to millions if not billions of potential customers. All
one needs to get the right influencer for your business and soon you will see you sales sky rock through the roof.

YouTube marketing

Paying YouTubers to plug in your content in their videos is another good advertisement opportunity that is not fully utilized. YouTube has huge potential advertising for any business. Many people spend a lot of time watching videos on like from cats making funny videos and songs to movies and encouragement videos. By choosing the right videos you will be able to advertise your business to a wide range of potential clients. Although some businesses are already doing this, the market has still potential for many more ads. Last but not least, if you don’t find the above useful, you can always hire an SEO Company to help

Creating memes

Memes are a good way to create an advertisement for your products or services. Memes have become very popular on social media
platforms with millions of people sharing them every day. This technique has huge potential to help your business reach large groups of people in a short time.

What are some legitimate areas that small business can perform well

There are many areas in which a small business can enter into and make some noise. These areas are:

Skilled Trades:

Skilled trades are mostly looked down upon by many people. They require small capital to start and returns are also promising, Skilled trades include construction, carpentry, masonry, steel working, plumbing, metal work and welding. These jobs pay high salaries and have a high demand and ready market.

Children’s services:

Children services are vast in nature, they include; offering golf lessons, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, events where children can have fun, art classes. Small business can provide children services and make high profits. Working with kids is an awesome experience.

Home Renovations:

Home renovation is a good space where a small business can venture into. It involves offering repair services in different houses. Small businesses can perform well in this area. Dedicated team of employees can make your business make major steps in terms of building a brand.

Bike services, sales and rentals:

Companies that are small in nature can easy do well in this area. Anything that is healthy and environmental friendly is highly promoted. The business can focus in renting their bikes, offer bike services and also involved in sale of bikes. It is a good business bet and bound to perform well.

Therapy and counselling:

Counseling and therapy services experience high demand. Starting a private firm that offer counseling services for individuals who have different life problems and how they can recover from those issues. There is also demand of family and marriage therapist. Small business can perform perfectly in this area.

Financial planner and adviser:

Individuals have no idea on how to plan for their money. Starting a business dealing with advising people financially is highly recommended. Financial advisers are highly demanded, a business can do well in this field.

Facilities support services:

It involves painting, maintenance of buildings, cleaning and security. Private business can provide cleaning services to entities and also institutions. Security services can be in terms of providing security personnel, who will provide security to different organizations. It is easy to prosper in this business area which is profitable.

Food trucks:

Food truck involves selling hot dogs, fries or even burgers by use of a mobile track. Mobile vendors will distribute the products in different places. It is a good business with good returns. In future the company will be able to secure big order for the products. It is easy to succeed in this area.

Coffee Gourmet:

Coffee business has a high demand. Starting a coffee shop in a convenient location can guarantee success. offering beverages of high quality and served by well trained baristas can make your business popular hence more customers. Coffee business require small capital to begin and operate. This makes it ideal for any small business.

Senior care services:

senior care services is one of the best business one can start. The services may include: Many seniors cannot be able to drive their vehicles and do their house chores. Private company can offer these services. Other services involved are cleaning, cooking, caring for their pets, entertainment while at home. It is a good business venture with high returns.

5 Helpful Tips For Dealing with A Naughty Child In Public

Welcome to the most epic tantrum years that most parents dread. When your child reaches this stage, your patience will no doubt be tested to the max. While tantrums characterize the most challenging phase of toddler years, you are bound to experience their delightful side, which makes everything worth it. Below are 5 helpful tips for dealing with a naughty child in public that have positive long term benefits.

1. Shop Without The Stropping

Shopping with kids is a well-known tantrum inducer. For this reason, some parents might choose to avoid shopping activities with their little ones in tow. Even so, this may not be a practical solution, as it does not help solve the biggest underlying problem. To deal with the issue of a naughty child in public conclusively, it is advisable that you take your little ones out on �practice shops’, as this presents them with the opportunity of practicing to be there.

Praise your child when he or she behaves in a positive manner and make sure you keep them focused and interested in the activities while discussing what they hear and see. As your child grows older, you should encourage her to help you find the items on the shopping list.

2. Make Corrections Calm and Connected

“I won’t allow you to kick me.” This statement makes it clear to your child that her tears can continue flowing, but hurting you is completely unacceptable. Lecturing your child when she is crying or when she tries to hurt you only makes the tantrums worse.

Yet another great way of calm correction involves carrying or accompanying your child to a more private and quiet space out of the public space. it may sound like this: “Follow me – let’s find someplace to talk.” Or you can simply walk away together.

3. Let Your Child make Peace With Tears

It is quite natural for children to cry as a way of expressing their unhappiness. Contrary to popular belief, tears are not necessarily an indication of parental failure. This is a perfectly normal, emotional, and physiological reaction. In some instances, you should just let your child cry and feel her feelings, as this is fundamental to their future and long-term well-being.

The sooner you appreciate that your little one may have tantrums at times, the easier it will be for you to deal with the issue in a calm and kind way. it additionally teaches your child that she can get angry and then move on.

4. Give Rewards and Consequences

It is important that you let your child know that for every action, there are rewards and consequences. So, if your child behaves badly in public, let her know that there will be consequences for her naughty behavior. Children can easily understand that if you set consequences that they dislike, their behavioral changes will occur pretty fast so that they can join in the fun once again.

5. Give Your Child Some Choices

When done correctly, tantrums that might possibly occur can be prevented. Instead of issuing threats and demands, you might want to consider offering your child some choices.

Disciplining a toddler is never easy, as it requires effort, time, and energy. However, you need to bear in mind that effective and consistent discipline provides the cornerstone to your child’s well-being and it will prove beneficial in their adult lives.

All You Need to Know About Advertising using Facebook’s Boost Post

A boosted post is the element way of advertising that you can usually do on Facebook. They are created by allocating a budget for advertising to a post that is on the business page already. It is located in a section typically located in the bottom right-hand corner of a post.

How do you do it?

You do it by going to the section in the bottom right-hand corner of a post that is labelled “boost post.” Once there, you just click, and the boost is then approved by Facebook. This then follows that more people will see it in their News Feed on Facebook.

You have the option of choosing either to push the post people who like your page and friends or people that you choose through targeting.

You will then also be allowed to choose you appropriate budget.

What are the Pros of advertising using Facebook “Boost post”?

One of the Pros of Boosting your posts is that it often and always guarantee the possibility of being seen or its visibility to a certain degree in the posts that you find very crucial.

The other pros are that Boost Posts normally have very high chances of being seen by people who have liked your business page. This is because if someone likes or comments on the Boost post, it appears on all their friend’s timeline as a result.

The other advantage is that you are guaranteed to the exposure of a new audience. This is as a result of the option that you have when boosting your posts which comes with the possibility of getting a new audience at the end of the day.

What are the cons of advertising using Facebook’ Boost post?

The cons of advertising using Facebook Boost Post include the following:

One of them is that with Boost post you can’t be able to create custom audiences. A custom audience is where you create an audience from your email list or phone book list. However recently there was a milestone to encompass this but still, you can’t-do it without getting to the Facebook, Ad manager.

The other disadvantage is that you have some targeting options while using Facebook Boost post but you are usually limited regarding location, age, gender and even interests of where you are boosting in general.

The other disadvantage is the fact that you have no placement options for instance if you know a mobile phone does better than a mobile phone, it would be better have in on the mobile phone.

Facebook Boost post have no ad scheduling, i.e., if you want to target a lunch at tour place or on a certain day.

The other disadvantage is that there is always not an option for a daily budget.

You can also not always be able to choose the delivery speed of your ads, for example, the standard mode and the accelerated one.

In conclusion, it is true that Facebook Boost post is one of the options of advertising on Facebook today. However, Facebook changes now and then and better ways of adverting can always be found if one feels that the Boost post does not meet his specifications.

5 Ads That Changed The Way Ads Were Done

Over the years there have been numerous advertisements that have been made with the aim of changing the perception of the consumers about the brand being advertised. In some instances, the adverts have been made to perform more than just attempt to persuade people to purchase a particular product or service in the market. Some of the best adverts have changed the perspective of how people view life and changed other aspects of people’s lives such as how they communicate. Moreover, the ads have changed the interaction between people and how people carry themselves in different places. Over the years ads have been improving due to the fact that the target markets are always transforming. There are a number of adverts over the years that were revolutionary and changed how other organizations did their ads.

5 Ads that changed the way ads were done

Westinghouse Electric: Rosie the Riveter – We Can Do It

The ad remains one of the most iconic things that made feminism grow across the world. The ad was created during the Second World War as a way to motivate the new economy which was being driven by women. The ad made women take on jobs that were traditionally meant for men. The ad served to change the perspective of the world where women were always expected to be the homemakers and it eliminated the barrier that had been limiting women from taking on traditionally male duties. The ad is still relevant up to date though it was created a long time ago.

Honda: Grr

The ad spoke in a funny and charming way on the current issues. It tells people about the impact that they have on the environment and changes their perception of how they did things. Cars are essential in people’s lives today and so is the care for the environment which has been destroyed slowly over the years. Through the ad, other car companies were able to put environmental concerns as a primary aspect of their vision and communication. The ad serves to create environmental awareness and also promoting the profile of Honda as a car manufacturer.

Nike: If You Let Me Play

The ad which is a film tackles one of the most important areas, that is, women and sports. Through the ad, the issue at hand is tackled with elegance, swagger, and irony. The ad was instrumental in changing how other sports brand deal with women in their advertising. To realize the actual impact of the ad, it has been remade and quoted in other works. Women have had challenges over the years breaking many barriers but through ads such as this one, they have been able to break into fields that were previously out of reach.

Benetton: Hearts

The world is faced with numerous challenges with one of them being racism. The ad tackles the issue of racism using a simple approach. However, the execution is great and the information is put in such a manner that the targeted masses can understand it. The image has been in use over the years to raise awareness.

Thai Health: Anti-Smoking

Smoking is something that people are advised against across the globe due to the effects. The ad delivers the message based on logic and the execution is excellent. The ad is great such that it can be used when dealing with other social issues. The ad is not only suited for Thailand but the entire world.

These are some of the ads that have changed the world of advertisement though there are many others not discussed in this article.

5 Reasons Why it’s Easier to Create a Business Today Than Ever Before

1. Everyone’s Moving Too Fast!

Did you remember what you ate or did yesterday? How about what the person whom you’ve last spoke to was wearing? I bet you didn’t remember, and neither do I! The world is moving too fast and we’re all just trying to keep pace with “What’s next?” that no one has stopped to think about “What’s happening now?”.

This “What’s next” phenomenon is the reason why everything seems so much easier to do. We are constantly looking out for the next change or something more functional than what we already have. In some cases, people take the leap and create their own version of something they want in an existing product. Boom! Your friends love it and so do people on the street. The sudden realization clicks within them that this might actually a marketable. That’s the beginning of a new business idea. You know how it goes from here.

2. Welcome To Generation Z

Post-Millennials (also known as Generation Z) are the people who are born in the digital age. The internet has already made the history of the most technological advancement after the industrial era. These “entrepreneurialists” might be great for the influx of new businesses for a post-saturated economy, the idea of the “Be your own boss” mentality comes at a price. Children don’t read story books nor use crayons, instead, most of them are watching pre-school shows and learning basic math right off Youtube.

3. Globalization? Yes We Know..

Globalization is taking place everywhere, whether we like it or not. News spread faster than wild fire with an abundance of corporate news networks and self-journalism through blogs. Live streams can take place on YouTube, Facebook, in a crazily high resolution. Was it 4K? Even start-ups can fund their campaigns through people (crowd funding) instead of the traditional banks.

4. Everything’s Gone Digital

We can all thank the birth of the Internet for providing a significant game changing channel for the world economy. Individuals worldwide are now able to gather on a virtual platform, despite geographical boundaries, making everyone somehow, interconnected. With everything digital, there is one factor that seems to be very apparent, Confusion. There is an enormous amount options to choose from anything between deciding on a pencil to making a decision on which insurance plan is the way to go. However, the digital way has opened a lot of doors for new business and new industries to form.

5. Philosophy Working In The Background

It seems that philosophy has crept back into a modern day living through the likes of start-ups and education.

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, was known to advocate the asking of questions to increase one’s knowledge and to conduct self-reflection to heal oneself. Called the Socratic Method, schools use problem-based learning in which students are prompted to ask questions. This has made children become problem solvers in which we now countless Kickstarter campaigns that are constantly changing our interaction with the world in innovative ways. Just take a look at Virtual Reality.

Is Firewall Still Effective in 2017?

Windows come with an inbuilt software firewall and although this has been the case since the days of Windows XP, today’s Windows 10 built-in firewall is more advanced and hence effective. This advancement has left many third-party firewalls either matching the inbuilt firewall or below the latter’s effectiveness. Additionally, if you are you are using a router to connect to the internet via a router, you have added protection since the router also functions as a hardware router.

These facts raise the question whether you need a firewall. As the firewalls are advancing so are the network-based threats, which include hackers, malware, and botnets all of which are persistent in looking for vulnerabilities when you are connected to the internet. When all these factors are considered, the answer is yes; you do need a firewall for your computer.

What is the Effectiveness of Firewalls?

Port Protection- When you are connected to the internet via PC ports, you gain access to a limitless collection of information ranging from educative to entertainment sites. This connection also opens your computer to be accessed by others who are on the network. You have the option of either having open ports, closed or stealthed. When they are stealthed, your computer becomes invisible to any attacker even when you are online. You can only achieve stealthing by using windows firewall.

A router may limit the possibilities of damage, but you are not completely secure. In this case, a firewall permits all valid traffic such as downloaded software, visited websites, and watched videos or the music you have listened to. On the other hand, it blocks all malicious traffic that is trying to connect with you such as a neighbor’s computer that is infected with botnets that are trying to spread.

Program Control- an earlier version of third-party firewall had a tendency of bombarding users with a series of questions whenever an installed program tried to access a certain IP. When faced with a decision to make on whether to allow or not, you would either choose always allow or block and in the process you would end up blocking an important feature. Things are different these days since advanced third party firewalls can internally allow good programs and block the malicious ones.

Protection against network-based attacks, cyber threat assessment, ransomware protection – sometimes attacks may be directed on exploiting weaknesses in your operating system or the installed programs. As an added advantage, firewalls have a Host Intrusion Prevention System that prevents against such attacks. Firewalls can also have security suite components that help eliminate malicious payloads that are dropped by exploit attacks even before they cause any harm. As a company getting a cyber threat assessment will be key, you need to know where you’re penetrable and where your weaknesses are so you can prevent any incoming attacks before they happen.

Are There Times When I Might Not Require A Firewall?

When you have enabled your inbuilt Windows firewall and you have a router, you can depend on the two without incurring much cost. However, if you want extra protection and added features, then you should consider buying a third party internet protection. Whichever choice you make, you must make sure you have at least one type of firewall working, either the hardware or software protection.